Ask Anna: The art of cruising for sex

Ask Anna: The art of cruising for sex

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If a guy is giving signals to a different guy, such as for example viewing him and rotating their shoes/socks to his ankles off, so what performs this mean? Or if he sits beside afterward you talks about both you and taps the base of their base or his ankle, so what does it suggest? I’ve had this take place while waiting during the coach end. Any suggestions about just exactly what these indications could mean will be valued. — Male Body Language

They’re cruising you for sex, and I also will be surprised in the event that you didn’t understand that. Possibly you’re too young to consider the Sen. Larry Craig sex that is gay scandal of 2007. In that case, it involved the Republican (homophobic, closeted, “family values”) senator soliciting for lavatory intercourse in an airport restroom by tapping his foot, then pressing the base of the undercover officer when you look at the stall close to him, whom then arrested him.

The application of coded signaling was initially for protective reasons, as gay men had been often targeted by police (but still are) and at the mercy of harassment, abuse, and/or imprisonment. In order to avoid this, and also to enable other queer men to get them, they developed codes, often elaborate ones — like the hanky rule — to show sexual interest.

Relating to a quite lengthy post about public intercourse codes on Urban Dictionary, “Tapping the base repeatedly in a separated rhythmic pattern basically states ‘Hello buddy, i will be readily available for public sex.’ that is gay a response that is positive the tapping will be a much slow rhythmic tapping translated to ‘Well hello to you personally too. Continue reading Ask Anna: The art of cruising for sex